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All for Your Wellbeing
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Turejo-Blood Pressure Monitor for Upper Arm

  • Large LCD Screen: The BP machine features a large display, large night-time backlight and number, easy-to-read reading data, measurement measures including: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse, date, time and user , and stored automatically.
  • FDA-approved: Smart blood pressure monitor, each device has been individually tested to ensure its accuracy, reliable data is guaranteed every time, LED light clearly indicates the health status of your blood pressure, saves time to judge the level of health of the blood pressure and let the parents do less worries.
  • Automatic Shutdown Function: Fully automatic start with a single button, automatic display and shutdown, reduced power consumption, no need to run for 1 minute, wrap the cuff around the arm, take the correct sitting position, get the systolic pressure, the diastolic pressure and the pulse by pressing the button will get the result.
  • 2 Users Function: If you share with a spouse or loved one, you can switch between two users to save the indicator separately. Automatically record up to 180 blood pressure monitoring measures, making it ideal for doctors.
  • Integrated Package: The package is an integrated package with everything you need to read your blood pressure quickly and easily, with a one-year limited warranty and customer support at the time of purchase.